West-East Cooperative Ecosystems Alliance

Create Common Values for better future!

Open Innovation among Ecosystems

Create local values sharing global Innovation!

Sharing Ideas among Ecosystems

Open Innovation sharing common Ideas!

When WEST and EAST ecosystems cooperate to create innovation

WECO has the mission to facilitate the success of people and companies involved, to overthrow the existing barriers and facilitating the exchange and sharing of expertise, of resources and infrastructures among different ecosystems, countries and nations.

International Ecosystems

International ecosystems together to create value locally

WECO is an OPEN ACADEMY promoted by QIAO LAB SHANGHAI whose members are companies, investors, Institutions, Corporations and individual personalities who believe in the value of cooperation among the various international ecosystems as lever for development and the creation of value locally in different countries.

Through joint activities and investments among people and organizations from different Ecosystems , WECO want to establish an innovation without boundaries that contributes to technology transfer and the internationalization of projects and companies.

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Encourage interaction among different International Ecosystems on joint projects and objectives with the aim to promote the best practices and their reproducibility in the different ecosystems involved and local impacts.


Encourage the contamination of ideas, collaboration and interaction between people and companies to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills among the different ecosystems involved.


Promote access and sharing of up-to-date technologies, infrastructures, platforms and services needed for innovative projects.


Promote access to financial capital and investments to support the projects through a co-operation among investors from different ecosystems.


Promote the internationalization of projects in the different ecosystems, supporting scalability and extensive capabilities to facilitate their success.


Encourage meetings among operators and companies of different ecosystems with the aim to promote mutual understanding and trust with which increase cooperation and joint projects.


Open Innovation Academy

Companies, Multinationals and Industry meets Innovative Startups, Companies and University Research Projects from other ecosystems to innovate their future by innovating themselves.

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WECO Investor Days

WECO roadshows invites investors from different ecosystems and selected projects, companies and investments opportunities to accelerate fundraising, VC and private equity investments..

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Exclusive Events and Meetings

WECO organizes own exclusive Events, Forums, Workshops and Institutional meetings with which to promote selected projects and cooperation among ecosystems.

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